Why Diamond Capital Advisors?

Hands-on Experience

The majority of our team members are past business owners with extensive industry specific knowledge. Every deal handled by Diamond has at least one senior banker on the team who has built, run and sold his own business. We are the only firm of our size who can say that; and while that may not be the only valid perspective – it’s a good one to have in your corner. We also have MBAs, CPAs and lawyers with years of investment banking experience.

Global Reach

Diamond is an active member of The Alliance of International Corporate Advisors, a selective and prestigious co-operative of mid-market investment banking firms in Europe, Asia and the Americas. This provides our clients with a network of financial advisors in over 40 cities and over 20 countries, prepared to supplement our already impressive services. In an increasingly global economy, cross-border access can be particularly important for certain businesses.


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